Mixed Ready Made Meals Box

When you have a large variety to choose from and you can’t decide what you want, the Mixed Box is the perfect option. With a selection of meals, all full of flavour and packed with healthy goodness, you can’t go wrong with the Mixed Ready Made Meals Box.

The Mixed Ready Made Meals Box is contains the following meals:
1x Pulled Pork with Sweet Potato Mash and Roasted Pumpkin
1x Cajun Chicken with Roasted Potatoes and Mixed Greens
1x Mexican Beans with Brown Rice and Mixed Greens
1x Lime and Coconut Chicken with Brown Rice and Roasted Pumpkin
1x Quinoa Patties with Sweet Potato Mash and Mixed Greens

Each Meal Option contains of 5 separate meals, when ordering you will receive:
Five Meals: One of Each Meal
Ten Meals: Two of Each Meal
Fifteen Meals: Three of Each Meal
Twenty Meals: Four of Each Meal

As always, we are flexible so if you need to vary any of the meals please let us know via email prior to ordering: info@theguttribekitchen.com.au

You can view our entire menu here


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Meal Box Option

Mixed Box

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10, 15, 20, 5


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