Meal Prepping! (Shopping)

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So we have discussed “making time” for meal planning and prepping. Now let’s discuss how to use that time effectively.

First up. Shopping!

Write a list!

This will help you save time in the store and ensure you don’t forget any items. No one wants to end up walking through the aisles for hours on end with no idea what you’re looking for. Or worse yet, throwing items in your cart that will steer you off track.

Stock your kitchen!

WITH THE RIGHT FOODS! If you want your meals to be packed with flavour you need to invest in some dried herbs and spices. Some staple ingredients like almond flour, brown rice, quinoa, dates, honey,etc., would be handy to have as well. Purchase everything at once so that you can make meal preparations easy.

Here are some helpful tips;

– If the store delivers, it could help with budgeting.

– Home delivery can be done in the comfort of your own home, saving you time to do other things.

– It also helps you from buying things you shouldn’t!

– Did you know you can ask your local butcher to cut whatever meat you want into stir-fry, diced, break down full chickens into pieces or have it butterflied?

– This saves you from having to prep it yourself and wash your chopping board multiple times.

Until next week….

Happy prepping 


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